The highlight of the week for the people of the town and the surrounding villages is market day which is held every Saturday. From early on hundreds of people will come into the town each weekend from outlying villages to buy and sell at the marketplaces.

Abi Adi is actually divided into two; in the old town market square you will find grains and some vegetables being sold, whereas in the new town you will find vegetables, fruit, eggs, chickens, honey, pots and pans, plastic goods and salt. A little further on is a playing field which doubles up every Saturday as the animal market. This is where the real money is made; here you can buy goats, sheep and cows and prices are going up all the time.

Vegetables are quite cheap, healthy and organic, but lacking in variety; tomatoes, onions, potatoes, garlic, cabbage and carrots are always available, sometimes beetroot and spinach. Fruit is less reliable; we saw mandarins, oranges, bananas, mango, avacado and all sorts of other strange fruits. Here are some pictures of the market, one of our favourite experiences in Abi Adi:

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