I love camels! Living in Ethiopia has given me the chance to see these animals up close and they really are fascinating creatures. We used to see them regularly on Saturday mornings at the market, where they would bring in salt blocks all the way from the Danakil Depression in the east of the country. Once the salt is offloaded they then carry bags of citrus fruit (lemons and limes) from Abi Adi to Mekele.

They are very interesting to look at. They have interesting shaped hooves and odd looking knees and when they sit down on the road, you wonder how their joints work to get them in such a position! Often the camels are chewing grasses with their mouths moving in a side-to-side motion.

Sometimes we’ve seen many of them together in a camel train, which is very impressive – 50 or so animals together!

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Here’s a camel train we saw in a town nearby to Abi Adi….

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