Goodbye to Ethiopia

After leaving Abi Adi we took the plane from Mekele down to Addis Ababa and the next day was spent doing paperwork for VSO to prepare for our departure.

First of all we went to the central police headquarters to get our police clearance where we joined a very long queue of Ethiopians who have to get government clearance to be able to travel outside the country. The line was full of young women who go to work in Sudan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia as servants. A man said the economy here is “empty” so they have no choice but to find work abroad.

After that it was back to the VSO office. We took a cake to say thank you to all the VSO staff who had helped us over the year. We finished off by getting our VSO clearance and had our exit interview with Ayele our Programme Manager. The rainy season was in full swing and there were heavy downpours all day and even a massive hailstorm. It looked like snow had arrived to Ethiopia!

Our final meal in Ethiopia was tegamino, tibs and of course injera and we had a good time with a group of other volunteers who waved us off to the airport.

The plane left at 10:30 at night, flew on to Khartoum, where it stopped for an hour to pick up more passengers, and then overnight to Amsterdam. A couple of hours later we took the final leg home to Edinburgh. It was good to make it back home after such a long journey.

We have now been home for a couple of weeks and are settling back in to life in the UK. We have had an amazing Ethiopian Adventure! We are so glad that you have shared it with us. We will continue to add some more pictures, stories and videos (now we have a better internet connection!) so keep checking the blog. It is lovely for us to look back at all the stories and pictures on the blog and we hope you have enjoyed reading.

Thanks for reading and thanks to VSO, all our colleagues in Ethiopia and Abi Adi – we miss you all! Best wishes… Dhamayanthi and Gareth

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3 Responses to Goodbye to Ethiopia

  1. Sharmini Paramanathan says:

    Dear Dhamayanthi and Gareth,
    Thank you very much for the Ethiopian Blog. I have so enjoyed reading about your adventures and learning so much about Ethiopia this last year.
    The photographs and all the information about Ethiopian life/ way of living taught me a lot about a country I will (probably) never visit.
    Thank you,again.

  2. Attia says:

    Thank you for all the emails and photos it was so good to learn about Ethiopia and your own experiences. I will really miss all your blogs but look forward to your next installments and meeting up with you in New Malden

  3. Sheena says:

    Hello you two! I found your blog by accident today- trying to find a hotel in Abi Adi on the way from Axum to Lalibela next week. Thank you again for a great ICT last February…. Sheena Nicolson (Kemise)

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