Ethiopian dancing is spectacular! The dancing style, known as ‘eskista’, involves a lot of vigorous head jerking and shoulder bopping. This video has some good examples, and is also a typical Ethiopian music video – one singer walking around the countryside, with a number of dancers randomly strutting their stuff, cutting away to local landmarks, in this case the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. Don’t try any of these moves at home!

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2 Responses to Eskista

  1. Sharmini Paramanathan says:

    I won’t. And I thought the Sha’bham lesson last Tuesday was hard work!

    • dhamayanthi sangarabalan says:

      We are very impressed you do Sha’bham! We didn’t know what it was and had to find it on the internet! I think I may enjoy it!
      Always good to read your comments! Thanks for following our blog!
      Love, Dhamayanthi xxxxxx

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