A popular type of song in Ethiopia and Eritrea is “tizita”. According to wikipedia;

Tizita (Amharic: ትዝታ,”memory”, “nostalga” or “longing”) is a type of song in Ethiopian and Eritrean music. The term itself may serve as the name of a ballad performed in this style, or it can refer to the musical mode used in such songs. Western sources often compare tizita to the blues.

There are many examples of tizita, and here is a very nice example by Michael Belayneh that we often hear. If you like soft rock ballads, you might like this!

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2 Responses to Tizita

  1. Sharmini Paramanathan says:

    I liked it!

  2. The two songs by Seyfu Yohannes are very special Mela Mela and Tizita. There is the classic Tizita by Getachew Kassa which to me is one of the best two versions ever recorded the other is Mulukens version .

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