Making Marvellous Manuals

On Friday Gareth and I worked together to deliver an afternoon of training for the college lecturers. The subject was how to make an effective manual and how to plan and deliver a successful training.  We were really happy to have this opportunity to show how training could be made interactive and fun and made sure we had some good activities to get the college staff interested in our workshop.

We used a pot as a prop for our activity ‘Cooking a Manual’ which featured the participants writing the ingredients of good training and adding it to the pot. We also used different hats to demonstrate the various roles that trainers have – not just in delivering training but also being networkers, mentors, role models, learners and motivators to their trainees.

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It was the last time Gareth and I will work directly with the College staff and we were delighted that our training was fairly well attended and that staff enjoyed the experience.

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2 Responses to Making Marvellous Manuals

  1. Sharmini Paramanathan says:

    Did you use a chair to reach the top of the blackboard?

    • dhamayanthi sangarabalan says:

      Ha ha!
      Actually Gareth wrote it!
      I was doing the talk bit…he was doing the chalk bit!
      D xxxx

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