The Home of Coffee

Ethiopia is proud to claim to be the home of coffee. Indeed the coffee ceremony is a major part of daily culture and the coffee here tastes very good. Legend says that it was discovered some time ago by Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, who saw his goats becoming excited after eating the berries from a mysterious bush. Here’s the full story told in pictures which we saw on the walls of a coffee shop.

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2 Responses to The Home of Coffee

  1. Sharmini Paramanathan says:

    We have a coffee shop called “Kaldi” in Heemstede,The Netherlands.
    Now I know where the name comes from and will ask at the shop if they know!

    • dhamayanthi sangarabalan says:

      What did the Kaldi cafe say when you told them? I’m glad our blog is educational!

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