VSO Final Visit

This week, Ayele, our VSO programme manager came to visit us from Addis. As well as checking up on how Bob and Pam were settling into their placement, his other task was to carry out an end-of-placement review for me and Gareth.

We spent time with him, our line managers and the Dean to discuss our contribution to the College this year. Overall, our feedback was very positive.

Here’s the photo that has become a bit of a tradition when VSO visits – the shot of us, VSO staff – Ayele on the right and Tamirat the driver on the left – and the VSO car! I wanted to climb on the roof but then thought hanging off the side of the car was safer!

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One Response to VSO Final Visit

  1. Crissy says:

    Oh gosh! How time has flown! I can’t believe you’re nearly at the end of your placement! It’s been great keeping in touch with life in Abbiyi Addi.

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