Traditional Tootbrushes

As an ex-dentist, this is an interesting photo. This is the man who sells local style toothbrushes in the town. They are basically twigs (!) which people use to scrape away at their teeth. The toothbrush seller is quite a good advert for his product, as he has quite lovely teeth!

A lot of people are always chewing on a twig, especially after meals. We’ve also tried it but we’ve decided to stick to our own toothbrushes and toothpaste, which are also found in the local shops. I wonder if people will move onto these products or stick with their own traditional methods…

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2 Responses to Traditional Tootbrushes

  1. Attia says:

    If I am not mistaken this is quite commonly used on the Indian sub continent long before the British arrived. Many people still use it today in addition to brushing, as a form of plaque removal.
    lots of love

    • dhamayanthi sangarabalan says:

      Thanks for your comment! Glad you are enjoying our blog!
      It will be lovely to see you when we come to London!
      Dhamayanthi x

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