English Training – Part Two

Last week was the second English language training weekend –  the first one was back in November and the same participants came along to discuss their progress and to learn lots of new games, techniques and ideas that can be taken back to their elementary school classrooms. Lessons here can be very traditional, sticking rigidly to the textbook and not giving the children any chance to practise their language skills. The aim was to get teachers enjoying English and building their confidence to try new ideas back in their schools so I planned a series of activities, wrote the manual and helped the trainers run the weekend – this time we were joined by Mola and Tedros from the English Department in the college.

We covered a wide range of activities – for example, lots of games like hangman and slam, ideas like phonics, show and tell, checking understanding and teaching grammar in an effective way, and a chance for discussions and skill sharing. It was an interesting time and hopefully the teachers found something of use to help improve their English, professional skills and ultimately the classroom experience for their children.

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We saw a PTA meeting being held outside on the playing field in the sun, Dhamayanthi taught the local kids a song or two and again she serenaded us back to college on the drive home, with a selection of well-known ballads, which is the now-traditional way of rounding off a memorable weekend of training.

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