Easter Rings And Headbands

Everybody is now gearing up for Easter Sunday, the biggest holiday of the year for Ethiopian Christians. A lot of the teachers and students have gone off to their family homes, the market is full of goats, sheep and chickens again after the 55-day fast which meant meat was off the menu, and many folks spent all of Good Friday praying and not eating anything all day. In the last week we have noticed lots of people wearing these rings, fashioned out of two reeds of grass, I think to mark Palm Sunday and the coming of Easter.

Also today, the day before Easter, many people around the town are wearing a simple grass headband, to remember the crown of thorns. Here are some of the college teachers wearing their headbands.

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2 Responses to Easter Rings And Headbands

  1. Dibora says:

    How do you make the rings?

  2. I’ve looked on the internet and I can’t find any instructions. I remember it was a bit like braiding hair. You get two long strips of grass and plait them together into a ring. Hope the picture can give you some hints. Good luck!

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