The Little Folk of Abi Adi!

In the little town of Abi Adi we see many little children wandering around town. They can be as young as two years old, just playing in the street with friends and brothers and sisters. Some of them will  shout out “ferenji” or “China” (!) to get our attention. “China” because they think all foreigners are Chinese, having seen Chinese construction workers in the area in recent years.

Some of the children do get to know our names from visits to the kindergartens and schools. We have to shake hands many times whilst walking around town and I get to practise some of my simple Tigrigna phrases.

Finally, here is a picture of Rishan. She lives opposite our favourite coffee shop and often comes out to say hello or more often just giggle a lot. She does have a great giggle so I tickle her to encourage it! Of all the many cute kids in Abi Adi, she is my favourite!!

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