Jazz, Vans and Logos

Last weekend I went down to Addis again to enjoy the 2nd annual Acacia Jazz Festival. It was good to see some live music – something which is pretty rare outside of Addis – and some of the acts were very impressive. Ethiopian jazz has a very good back catalogue but nowadays there seem to be only one or two venues in Addis where you can go and see jazz regularly.

On the way to the festival we noticed this van parked by the side of the road. It belongs to Alex and Magdi, who are driving from Austria to South Africa. They left Austria in August 2010, made their way through the Middle-East and down through Sudan to Ethiopia, and they hope to make it to South Africa by the end of the year. Quite an adventure!

After the weekend, I spent a few more days in Addis as some new volunteers, Bob and Pam, had arrived and were coming to work with us in Abi Adi. I stayed around to help out and to attend the launch of the new VSO logo and global strategy. Apparantly, there has been some controversy about the changing of the strapline too – from “Sharing Skills, Changing Lives” to “Doing Development Differently”. After some debate, the old strapline has been kept – in Ethiopia at least!

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