Meeting Dr. Bak

It turns out that we are not the only foreigners living in Abi Adi. There are two doctors working in the hospital here from… North Korea! We sometimes see them walking around town and say hello, but their English is very limited (and so is our Korean!) Our colleagues who have visited them in the hospital say their Tigrigna is also non-existant, so consultations are carried out mainly through gestures! One doctor is a nerve specialist and one is a bone specialist, and our colleagues say they are very good and most helpful. We have learnt that they are part of a group of 128 doctors from North Korea working in Ethiopia. There is an agreement between the two governments, and as well as earning 5000 birr / month (192 pounds) the doctors get a big bonus when they return home after their 3 year contract. So, here we are with Dr. Bak and his wife, four “ferenji” standing in the middle of Abi Adi, a small town in the north of Ethiopia. Funny old world!

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2 Responses to Meeting Dr. Bak

  1. Daeseok Koh says:

    Oh, I haven’t met any North Koreans in person myself.

  2. Well… if you come to Ethiopia, you can meet some here!!
    Best wishes

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