Visiting Abbiyi Addi Elementary School

Last week we visited Abbiyi Addi Elementary School to help out in some English lessons with Gebrekidane, one of the English teachers who had attended Gareth’s English training weekend in November. He works with the grade 8 students and there appeared to be about six classes at this grade. After first looking around the resource room, where teacher make posters and models to use in their classrooms, we went and visited a number of classes. We played  some games with a few of the classes and let everyone have their chance to ask us questions. Everyone was very pleased to see us!!

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During the break we went over to see what some of the younger pupils were doing. They were dancing the local Awris dance – where a boy and girl dance around each other and then other boys and girls can come into the middle to replace them as the dance goes on.  It is not so common to see dancing and singing in everyday life where we are so this was a lovely thing to see. We will have to go back another time and see some more of life in the elementary school.

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One Response to Visiting Abbiyi Addi Elementary School

  1. Tsegay says:

    Hi there,
    i do remember the school very well and thanks for flash back. Language is as hard science as physics or chemistry. You don’t see students using/practicing no matter the perfection of grammar they could have. They are shy of making mistakes when oneself mistakes are the steps to improve ones own skills. Likely, you don’t see teachers teaching English language in more communicative approach. So, students should be given a free ground to practice the language by extending the learning time and place out of the school. This is my piece of suggestion to include in your future professional helps to the school.

    Enjoy ur time in Abi Adi,

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