Travels – Maychew

After Woldia, it was on to Maychew the next day. The journey was rather long and frustrating as we had to wait a long time for buses but we made it in the end, passing by the rather spectacular lake on the way, Lake Ashenge.

Mike, an IT volunteer from Canada, has worked at Maychew Technical College for about a year and a half. Technical colleges focus on things like woodwork, metalwork and so on, and the college was impressively set out and organised. Maychew is remembered as a site of a battle against the Italian invasion in 1936. We took a walk up a hill overlooking the town and saw a monument, then took a different path down through cacti and houses. In the evening I helped perform the Ethiopian coffee ceremony at Mike’s friend’s house, which was fun but quite intricate as there were so many stages to go through. I will continue practising though!

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So, after a couple of days in Maychew it was time to go home. We had both been away for a few weeks and we took an early bus to Mekele (passing a cycle race on the way!) then another bus back to Abi Adi. It was nice to be back and all our colleagues were pleased to see us – many giving us the three-shoulder-bump handshake to show how much they had missed us!! Now with our travels behind us, it was onto the start of the second semester at the college…

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2 Responses to Travels – Maychew

  1. Tsegay says:

    Wow…that is really good to hear from you in Machew, as the house looks like Getachew’s house( my brother and one of the good friend of Mike). The Coffee ceremony is highly associated with our group culture. That is when we get together, talk and make our socialization during the three stages. Unlike, in Europe or western, a cup of coffee while working, walking and so on. I hope you have enjoyed the ceremony and the people around.


  2. Hello Tsegay!
    Yes, that’s right… it was at your brother’s house. I think Mike and Getachew are coming to Abi Adi for Easter, so we will see them again soon. We will let you know what happens…Thanks

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