Annual Partnership Review

On Tuesday, some visitors from VSO in Addis and a short term volunteer from Canada, Jean, visited the college to conduct the Annual Partnership Review – a time for VSO and the College to assess what has been achieved and if VSO is making any significant impact. A selection of educational representatives were called in, including a couple of female students from the College. Looking at the work I have been doing with Special Needs and Inclusion, the local primary heads were saying that yes, the training had made a difference. The most rewarding comment was hearing that teachers were now using more positive language to encourage all students and other students were being more supportive of those with Special Needs.

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We then took part in gathering some baseline data regarding gender equity, inclusion and teacher training. The purpose of this is so VSO can feed back to its funders (from the UK this is chiefly DFID), to prove that VSO is making a difference in its work. We had a good discussion regarding where the college and local school were, on a scale from 1-4 and where they wanted to get to, their targets, for the next three years. Future volunteers will be able now to build and work on the plan that has been formulated and VSO can monitor any future progress.

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  1. Sharmini says:

    You know,I look at all these pictures and then it is” Where is Dhamayanthi/Gareth?”

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