Visiting the Kindergarten

Today I popped in to see some of the children who attend Selam’s kindergarten in the town. I was delighted that they remember me after not seeing me for about a month and they all rushed up to say hello! These children have now started greeting me as if I were a priest – kissing my hand, touching their forehead on my hand and then kissing my hand again! It seems to be a bit of a game to them!

It was break time so we played a few games and sang some songs in the circle – they liked going up and down in Ring A Ring O Roses and shaking their body in the Hokey Cokey! Later on they all lie down on mats for a sleep over lunchtime – they look like little sardines all crammed into the small classroom!

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2 Responses to Visiting the Kindergarten

  1. Shona Tallach says:

    aww…very cute kids. You look very at home hon. x

  2. Sarah says:

    Adorable photos!! x

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