Travels – Robe

It’s been a few weeks since the last post. The college is now on semester break so I have taken the opportunity to visit some different parts of the country. Now I am back in Addis after three weeks or so on the road so I will try to give an update on some of the travels…

After flying down from Mekele to Addis I joined a VSO English language workshop that was being held in Robe, a town in the south-west of the country in the Bale mountain region. The area is famous for being home to the rare Ethiopian wolf, which looks quite similar to a red fox. On the second morning we took a trip up to the plateau and after half an hour we saw a couple of the foxes in the distance. The scenery was quite spectacular and it seems to be a popular destination for trekking and wildlife enthusiasts. There were also a lot of vultures, one or two warthogs and various types of antelope, none of which can be seen around Abi Adi, and the landscape was similarly different, being much greener and more agricultural down south. The people rode horses a lot and there were even some combine harvesters working in the fields.

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The conference was a get together for all the ELIC (English Language Improvement Centre) volunteers in the country and it was useful to share some ideas and experiences and to look around the ELIC centre at Robe University. The town itself was fairly substantial but with the roads currently under construction and awaiting asphalt it was quite a chaotic and dusty place, the last significant town on the map before the road heads towards the Somali region.  The nights were also pretty cold, so although it has a lot of natural attributes the town seemed fairly remote and isolated. Talking to a few students at the university who were originally from Addis it was clear they hated living there – in Ethiopia students generally don’t choose where they will study, getting sent to random places often to do randomly chosen courses.

On the way back to Addis after the two-day conference I got off the bus at Shashemene and took a bus to the town of Awasa…

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One Response to Travels – Robe

  1. Shona Tallach says:

    Great to catch up on your latest adventures. One of the pics remind me of a view in scotland..the stones in the foreground looking out to the mountain tops! Your video clip is look so well and i love the curly hair. x x

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