End of Semester

The semester has now ended and the students have gone home. It’s very quiet on the campus now, with just the instructors about, preparing for next semester.

Gareth has gone to an English workshop in the south of Ethiopia. It has a completely different landscape to us – green forests! There is so much variation in one country! He’s got the camera with him so will no doubt update with photos at a later date!

I’m due to travel to Addis Ababa soon to help the In Country Training for the new volunteers, who are arriving in just over a week’s time. I’ll try to post a few messages during my time there to let you all know how it’s going!

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One Response to End of Semester

  1. Attia says:

    Hello Dhamayanthi
    Spurred on by your information we have decided to tour Ethiopia some time this year.
    So when is the best time weather wise?
    We will probably come on an organised tour.
    Look forward to Gareth’s photos

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