Monkeys and Mylomin

Yesterday Gareth and I went to the Mylomin area of town for a little exploring. We have been there before for drinking tej but had not really wandered around the rocks and gone for a walk along the river. So we left home just before 10am for a grand day out!

After stopping in town for a tea and snacks, we made our way to Mylomin and encountered many monkeys, running across the path in front of us and climbing the trees. We made our way along the dried river bed and found a path up to a rock hewn church (unfortunately locked but we enjoyed the climb nonetheless).

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We then went past the tej houses and came across a most amazing sight – a staircase carved into the tall sandstone rocks. A group of locals accompanied us as we made our way up it. What really amazed us was that we realised that the path led to several villages on top of the mountain and we knew that the farmers from there use this path with all their animals, climbing up and down it on market day.

At the top of the mountain,  a group of young boys showed us a half finished church and took us to a great viewpoint of Abi Adi town. Some goats were climbing up with us and perched precariously on the cliff edge – but we needn’t have worried about their safety, they are designed for roaming these rocky ledges and knew exactly when to stop.

We returned to the restaurant at Mylomin and enjoyed a drink with some of our colleagues, who were relaxing together with draft beer. As we walked home we visited Serat, a kindergarten teacher I met before, who kindly invited us to her home to have dinner. We enjoyed spending time with her, her children and two of her nieces who also came round for the meal!

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