Honey from this region – Tigray honey – is highly regarded, so we decided to buy some from the honey sellers who come to the market every Saturday. It turned out to be a not-very-simple procedure!

Here is the crowded honey market area. Dozens of farmers bring their wares and sit in the sun waiting for customers to come along. The honey also attracts hundreds of bees buzzing around the assorted honey jars and containers. You have to decide which type of honey you would like. We saw some dark ones, some golden ones and some white ones. We were told the white honey is the best so we looked around till we found someone selling it at a good price.

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The cost was 80 birr / kg (about £3) which is quite a high price for a foodstuff here. The farmers must value their produce highly and the price went up to 100 birr / kg after we left. You have to bring your own container to take your honey home and when a sale is agreed you go over to a counter where the honey is spooned into your jar and weighed. The whole transaction took about an hour. The honey was delicious though and seemed quite different from the supermarket varieties, so it was all worth it, although we are being quite sparing when it comes to spreading it on our bread. We need to recover from the honey market experience before we go back for more.

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2 Responses to Honey

  1. Tsegay says:

    looking on the honey market and all staffs remind me a lot of things from Abi adi. I remember when it was 45 birr per kilo and was the most expensive by the time. Prices are always going up.


  2. sharmini says:

    Looks good.(am a big fan of good honey)

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