A Golden Opportunity

Tonight we were invited to an after-school English language class for high school students in the town. We were surprised to see so many enthusiastic and able young people who tried their best to communicate in English and asked us many interesting questions. For example: “how can we improve the education system in Ethiopia?”, “how can girls do well at school?” and “how can we get confidence to stand up and speak in class?” Many students began their question  by saying “Thank you for this golden opportunity.” This progressed through the evening to a “diamond opportunity” and then an “opportunity I cannot express.” The class teacher is Jemal, a teacher from Abi Adi High School, and he has been running this class for 6 years. Many of his students have gone on to study at university and we were impressed by the 75 (!) students we met tonight, crammed into a small room, trying hard to improve their education and future prospects.

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One Response to A Golden Opportunity

  1. tsehaye says:

    Jemal is good advisor

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