On Friday I taught two little girls how to play hopscotch!

The two children are often found in the staff lounge and I think they are the children of some of the staff here. When I go the lounge they always sidle up to me and are very curious about me! Last week I had some string on me so I entertained them with ‘Cats Cradle’, a game I haven’t played myself for a long time!

This week we had chalk with us so we drew out a hopscotch grid and used stones to throw onto numbers, jump over them and collect them on the way back. As soon as we started playing we gathered quite an audience, comprising some of the student teachers here at the College, who were quite fascinated by the game!

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One Response to Hopscotch

  1. Sharmini says:

    To think that YOU might have brought hopscotch to Ethiopia!
    To quote you younger lot,COOL!

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