College vs Town

This morning the college staff played a football match against some staff from the town administration offices. It was a replay of a match from last weekend. The college staff lost that one 2-1. We had been training a few times this week and we hoped for a better performance today. This was my first match for the college and was assigned to right-back. Before kick-off there were some pictures taken by number one supporter, Dhamayanthi.

The first half went well. By half-time the college were leading 2-0 with two goals from Eyob, a maths teacher. A couple of cows nearly made it onto the pitch but we shooed off just in time. Shortly after half-time I was substitued with some other members of the team as we had several players on the substitute bench. The town staff made a comeback, soon it was 3-3 and it looked like the next goal would win it. Eyob then completed his hat-trick and the college pushed ahead to win 5-3. After the game we all went for lunch and discussed team tactics. It was a better team performance this week and let’s hope the college continues to improve.

P.S. Ethiopia drew 1-1 with Malawi. Now it looks like Ethiopia might be able to progress to the next stage of the competition as one of the best 3rd placed teams…

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