Ethiopia vs. Kenya

So, apparently there is a major football tournament called the CECAFA cup happening right now in Tanzania.

“The CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup is the oldest football tournament in Africa. It is a tournament of FIFA and the Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA), and includes national teams from Central and East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Zanzibar, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi and Djibouti).”

We stumbled across it this afternoon. We found almost all the entire staff in the staff lounge watching today’s match, Ethiopia vs Kenya. The final result was 2-1 to Ethiopia, who were quite lucky to hold on. Our colleagues were saying that the Ethiopian players are not very strong and easily get pushed off the ball by opponents… because Ethiopians eat injera!! Anyway, the next match is Ethiopia vs Malawi, so Dhamayanthi will be a bit torn on who to support.

Also, it seems the coach of Ethiopia is Scottish! Iffy Onuora was born in Glasgow, and coached Swindon Town, Gillingham and Lincoln City before managing Ethiopia. Will keep you updated on Ethiopia’s progress as it might be hard to find the details in the back pages of the newspapers back home…

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One Response to Ethiopia vs. Kenya

  1. mum and dad w says:

    England have lost out to Russia for hosting the 2018 World Cup, so afraid we won’t see an Ethiopian team in the UK then. There is time for them to develop a team to be strong enough, maybe not for Russia 2018, but to win through the Africa section for Qatar in 2022. We will see.
    Glad you have found some football.

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