Quiz of the Week #3

Here’s another mysterious drink / concoction! It was suprisingly nice… can you guess what is was? Click on comments to find the answer!

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6 Responses to Quiz of the Week #3

  1. sharm says:

    coffee with err…tea?

  2. Sharmini says:

    Are we the only 2 who reply to these quizzes?
    Saarsi with ?

  3. sharm says:

    i like quizzes! must be a sharmini-thing :-)

  4. dhamayanthi sangarabalan says:

    Well done Sharminis! You’re keeping the quizzes alive! It is indeed tea and coffee together called sprice (rhyming with miss). Coffee here is very strong so this is a compromise for someone like me who can never drink a whole cup!

  5. Swithun Crowe says:

    Does it get poured like a tequila sunrise? Do the flavours get mixed?

  6. mmm… well the coffee wins out in terms of flavour. I guess you could get the coffee to sit at the bottom of the glass if you poured it separately… try it at home!! It’s the drink that covers all the bases!

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