Beginning the ‘Pathways To Inclusion’ course

Today I began running a course for the College Instructors. The focus of the course is on Inclusive Education but it will cover a lot of teaching and learning issues that contribute to it.

As it was the first workshop today, I tried to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere by first showing some photos from my life and talking about VSO.

We then did an activity where participants reflected on their teaching and thought about their viewpoint on some statements, such as ‘Active Learning needs resources’. They moved around the room to different signs that indicated if they thought ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ or if they had some doubt, ‘No, but…’ and ‘Yes, but…’ This then sparked a discussion as to why people were standing at different areas.

I think many of the College Instructors who came found it interesting to think deeply about what they do in the classroom and began to realise that their colleagues may be thinking differently about the same issues. One hour after the class, people were still talking about the issues so it definitely had an impact! I hope the course will continue to spark discussion and lots of thinking!

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One Response to Beginning the ‘Pathways To Inclusion’ course

  1. Crissy says:

    Hey, well done! Looks really interesting.

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