Quiz of the Week #2

In Ethiopia you can find many kinds of cafes serving coffee and sweet tea and juice bars selling a range of drinks. Here’s a juice we tried… but what’s it made of? To see the answer click on ‘comments’

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5 Responses to Quiz of the Week #2

  1. sharm says:

    avocado with…saffran?? just a wild shot!

  2. sharmini says:


  3. sharmini says:

    maybe,avocado with a dash of chilli!

  4. dhamayanthi sangarabalan says:

    Good guesses! Well done to the two Sharminis…

    Fruit juice, or rather pureed fruit smoothies, are popular here. The fruit used depends on the season and the location and so far we have only seen this one. It is avacodo, with a shot of grenadine syrup, served with a lime which you squeeze on top. You eat the resulting combination with a spoon. It was yummy but I could never eat a whole one – it was very filling!

  5. sharm says:

    in indonesia they do avocado smoothies with palm sugar. also hugely filling but sooo addictive!

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