The School Visits Lottery

Today all the teaching staff at the college had to go to room 103 at 4.30pm. The occassion was a lottery to determine which teacher would go to which school in the cluster for a week-long school visit. At the moment all the third-year students are out of college on practicum – where they live and work in a village for a whole semester to get vital teaching practice. Some of the schools are very remote… “there’s no food and no water” said several lecturers. Some schools are in slightly more comfortable towns. “Pray for us” said Birhanu, as the staff went to the room to draw lots, and to find where they would end up.

We went along to watch, and the look on the teachers’ faces as they found out where they would be heading told us whether it was a good place, a bad place or just confusion… who knows where that is??!

So that means the college will be very quiet the week after next with all the teachers out enjoying their hardship school visits… luckily we can stay at home!

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