The Saturday Market

So, how do we get our food in Abi Adi? We go to the market!

The market comes to town every Saturday and we see the farmers walking with their produce along the roads into the centre of town. The produce can be fruit or vegetables or livestock (namely goats, chickens and cows).

Some areas of the market are in the open air and some are in covered buildings. Produce is laid out in front of the sellers. We can buy things by the kilo (harda kilo) or half kilo (firiki kilo) or quarter kilo (reberi kilo) and they are weighed on a weighing scale.

The market is the best place to practice our Tigrigna language skills! We know how to ask how much something is, the names of food items and of course the numbers, to confirm the price.

There are lots of things to say about the market experience but today we thought we should show you a photo of the famous local honey, from the Tigray region. The sellers arrive at the market with the honey in their pots and various containers – if you want some, you need to take a container of your own to be filled up.

Also, right next to the honey are the egg sellers. They put their eggs in front of them and sit down in the hot sun, often shltering under the shade of an umbrella. Each egg is about 1 or 1.25 birr (4 or 5 pence) and we usually buy about 10 to see us through the week.

Of course, there is no such thing as a sell by date on these eggs! The buyers have their own nifty way of checking they are ok though – they hold up the egg to their eye and point it to the sun. If it is red, it’s ok but if it is dark, there’s a chicken inside! Here’s Mulubrhan, showing us how it’s done!

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