School Visits

This week, Gareth and I visited some local schools.

We started at two schools in our town of Abi Adi and then went further afield into some rural areas to see some schools there. We used the time to get a feel of what it was really like in an Ethiopian classroom and to speak to some of the teachers, particularly in regard to what they would like training in over the coming year.

We felt very welcome at all the schools with lots of pupils waving at us and rushing up to shake our hands when we arrived. All the schools had a number of classrooms, with painted murals decorating the front.

Gareth and I popped our heads into some classes. Some of the older children practised their English greetings with us. I couldn’t wait to get to the younger classes, where I had brought a special guest with me…

Yes! From the photo you can see it was my Teddy! My Teddy is quite well known to the pupils in Blackhall Primary School, as they get to take him home for a week if they are in my class! Well, the children here were very excited to meet Teddy and giggled a lot when he whispered in my ear about how much he liked the class!

There were so many children going to one particularly school that there weren’t enough classrooms. So they ended up having lessons in a class like this.

And we also saw a classroom like this one below. We were told it’s really tough for pupils to sit on these hard stones for a long time.

We really enjoyed our trip out and were greatly encouraged to see much good work going on in schools. And of course, we loved meeting enthusiastic teachers and pupils!

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2 Responses to School Visits

  1. Shona Tallach says:

    Hiya Dham. Thats me now back home after my week up north at my sisters. I had a lovely time and did not want to come home. I have the post hol blues tonight :-(
    It is lovely to see your latest update on blog as it didnt work on my sisters computer. The picture of you, your teddy and the kids made me cry!
    Wee package posted from Gairloch for you..hope it doesnt take too long.
    Miss you loads
    Shona x

  2. Peria Mama says:

    Hi Dhamayanthi,

    The happy faces of all the children were so nice to see. Teddy whispering in your ear about liking the class, brought a lump to my throat, as I’m sure it did to many of the children.

    I’ve got a nice Blue Peter Poster on Wells (well (!) what else would you expect from a Water Engineer ?) which I’ll try to despatch to you.

    With much love,

    Peria Mama

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