Going for a walk = Lots of children!

Yesterday we went for a little walk around a newer part of town near the college. In recent years the town has really expanded outwards and there are many new and unfinished houses just around the corner so we decided to go and explore. After a few minutes we were noticed by a few of the children playing in the streets. A few minutes later our new friends numbered 30 or more and proceeded to follow us around for the next 30 minutes. They were very excited to have their pictures taken and would gather around to see the results to much amusement.

Later on they tried some of their English skills they had learnt at school – chanting “mother” / “father” and clapping their hands in time as we walked.

We also tried some of our basic Tigrignia language. “Min yu sim kee?” (to a girl) / “Min yu sim ka?” (to a boy) = What is your name? Also “Kin de yu admaree?” (to a girl) / “Kin de yu admarah?”(to a boy)  = How old are you?

We learnt some of the children were only 2 years old but were being looked after outside by their older brothers and sisters.

We walked over to see the nearby Technical College and later saw a large half built church. As the sun went down and it started to get very dark there were still lots of children out and about playing football. I think we caused quite a stir!!!

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One Response to Going for a walk = Lots of children!

  1. Getachew Girmay says:

    I am so happy to see the children in Abi Adi and everything they say.

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