My new office

I have now been given an office!

I’m sharing my office with Kibreab, who teaches special needs education in the College. This room was his room before which he shared with the College nurse. It had lots of medical posters up on the wall so we decided to rearrange things and clear out the old stuff. During our clean we came across two lizards who had made a home for themselves in Kibreab’s desk!

I’ve been given a computer and printer, which Gareth is helping me set up and clear of viruses.

I popped my head into the Cluster Office (see below), where the previous volunteer, Crissy worked. It was good to get an idea of the work she had done already so that I can build on her successes.

Then, when I returned to my office I discovered that ants had taken over! They were all over the place, up and down walls and into electrical sockets. As I did not have any roach killer on me, I thought I would try the humane method of ant removal. This involved me pulling up a chair to said ant army, calmly suggesting they move out within 24 hours or incur a mass extermination via insect killer when I would come back the following day with the spray can!

Now, you may think this is ridiculous but the next day, I arrived back in my office…and they had gone. I thanked the few scragglers at the door profusely and felt good!

However, today…they seem to have appeared again….hmm…I thought I’d won the battle but I think this is a war…

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One Response to My new office

  1. Crissy says:

    Try chalking around the areas where the ants “march” especially around the plug sockets where the ants often seem to appear from. An Ethiopian friend taught me that when I had an infestation in my house. I was sweeping up dead ants for days, but it finally did the trick.

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