Day Trip To Mekelle

On Thursday, the college car picked us up early at 5.30am for a day-trip to Mekelle. It turned out to be a long, hectic and slighty crazy day!

Mekelle is our nearest big town and is a two hour drive away. It’s a fairly modern, large city and the capital city of the Tigray region. So after a week in Abi Adi we could enjoy some of the bright lights of the big city. When we arrived at 8.ooam we did a bit of shopping in some little supermarkets (more like a small shop in the UK) and stocked up on treats – ketchup, mayonnaise, biscuits, jams and chocolate spread. We resisted the Mars Bars though!!

We then moved on to the market area and had some significant difficulty in trying to buy a couple of nails to hang up our washing line! We ended up buying half a kilo’s worth since no-one wanted to sell us just a handful! If you need any nails, just get in touch!

Here’s a sign we saw in a cafe/restaurant. Maybe next time…

We had lunch with some other volunteers at a relatively swanky cafe and I even got some cake! Then one of our colleagues took us to a coffee shop with a slightly familiar name…

On the way home, we passed some baboons on the mountainside. It was amazing to see them but they ran off before we could take a photo! We did manage to take some shots of the lovely scenery.

Finally, when we got back to Abi Adi the doors to the truck wouldn’t open so we all clambered out the front. Arrived home and did Skype for the first time – the special occasion was my sister’s birthday! I still can’t believe it worked!!!

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One Response to Day Trip To Mekelle

  1. Shona Tallach says:

    Loving all your posts and photos. Starbacks and garlic juice….hope you will try both! Great that you managed to get Skype..i have it set up too so we can try it out sometime if we can figure out a time! What is your time difference?
    Shona x x

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