Today – 27th September – is the holiday “Meskel” – which celebrates the finding of the true cross – which is important for the Orthodox Christians in the country. In the capital yesterday there was a big parade and a massive bonfire. No parades in our town, but the children really seemed to enjoy the night. The boys go around in groups holding bundled together twigs, which they light at one end. They then run around with the fires and visit each shop or person on the street, singing “Ho ya!” and asking for money, which is supposed to then be donated to the church. It’s a bit of a crossover between Halloween and Bonfire Night. We were sitting at a cafe all evening watching and being visited by several of the groups of boys. Later on they have a bonfire and stay up late. Here’s a few pictures…

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2 Responses to Meskel

  1. Shona Tallach says:

    It’s great being able to keep up with your news and photos on your blog. Loved seeing the pictures of the kids. x x

  2. Crissy says:

    Lovely to see the photos on your blog and to recognise some of the people. Like your photo with Kifle, the Dean and the vehicle I have so often travelled in! Driven by Ficado, I think.

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