Addis Ababa to Abi Adi

We have arrived in Abi Adi!

On Tuesday we finished our 10 days of In-Country Training and on Wednesday we took a flight to Mekelle, in the north of the country. The Dean of our college and two of the college instructors accompanied us and we were met at the airport by a college vehicle that had to carry our four suitcases and two very large boxes back to Abi Adi.

The journey there took about two and a half hours and we passed some quite stunning scenery on the way! Have a look at the photo below! We saw lots of donkeys, camels and lots of mountains.

We then got to our new home: Abi Adi College of Teacher Education. We are now living in a two-bedroom house on the college campus, with a shower and toilet, kitchen and living area. At the moment the walls are painted white – we are going to get some pictures up on the wall to brighten it up!

In the evening some of our new colleagues took us to Maylomin Lodge, a small lodge and restaurant very close to the College. It was quite a surprise to find such a lovely place just down the road…

Here’s Gareth with some of our new colleagues.

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