Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday the volunteers took part in a scavenger hunt. We had to race around the city and find objects, information and people and bring them back to the VSO Programme Office. It was lots of fun and gave us a chance to practise our Amharic – the main language in Ethiopia.

We had to do things like buy a croissant, find a newspaper, get our shoes shined by a shoe shiner on the street and buy half a kilo of bananas!

We travelled around the city on line taxis. They are like minibuses, which serve a set route. As they drive past, they yell out the destination, then you wave them down, jump in and pay a fare. It can be quite crowded and chaotic – there’s usually about 15 people in one taxi!

You can see a line taxi in this photo of a typical street in Addis Ababa!

Having a great time with all the other volunteers – I’m on the Social Committee (yes, really!) so have been setting up some events in the evening including jazz night, Ethiopian dancing, Abyssinian Olympics and VSO’s Got Talent!

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