Good Morning Ethiopia!

Hello Everyone! We have arrived safely in Ethiopia. We left London at 2pm on Saturday and flew to Amman in Jordan. After about an hour wait we took off again and landed in Addis Ababa at about 2am local time. From there it was quite a quick route through customs and from there we were picked up by very friendly VSO staff and volunteers. We got to sleep at about 4am…

Woke up this morning at 11ish and tried some great Ethiopian food for lunch. We liked it! Very similar to curries… Then from 2pm our In Country Training started.. we got to meet all the other new volunteers – from all over the world – from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Phillipines… great to meet everyone!

Now relaxing in the sunshine. Not too hot though… maybe about 20 degrees… perfect for adjusting to the new environment.

Thanks for all the kind good luck messages in the last couple of days. Will keep you up to date with it all when we can.

Best wishes from Gareth and Dhamayanthi x

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3 Responses to Good Morning Ethiopia!

  1. Shona Tallach says:

    Great to hear you have arrived safely and all is well. x x

  2. sharm says:

    can’t believe you are there already! lots of luck and enjoy the food – i love injera and all the dishes. still looking for a good ethiopian restaurant in oslo!

  3. tadesse says:

    Hagere Mekuryaye !!!

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