The story so far…

Here’s the VSO story so far.

We first applied in August 2009 with our initial Registration Form. This was then followed up in October-November time with the more detailed application form that focused more on our skills and experiences. After a little wait over Christmas and New Year we were called to an interview day / assessment day down in London in February 2010. A short time later we were informed that we had been successful and stage one of the process was complete.

A lot of paperwork followed! We began an online course with other VSO volunteers called ‘Volunteering Starts Here’ which introduced us to the concept of development. We met our online friends at a 3-day face-to-face course in April, called ‘Preparing to Volunteer’, at Harborne Hall in Birmingham. On this course we explored VSO’s approach to development and our own roles within this, plus our own personal motivations and expectations.

We were then offered a placement in Ethiopia, which we accepted and then started the final stage of preparations. More paperwork, lots of vaccinations, researching our roles and country and more online training (Realities of Volunteering). Then last week we attended the final pre-departure training – Skills For Working In Development.

So it’s been a long journey so far and now we are in the final stages of getting ready – packing, visiting family and friends and making sure we do everything on our ever-expanding list of things to do!!

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3 Responses to The story so far…

  1. Andrew Woodcock says:

    Hi my name is Andrew Woodcock – writer of the blog you have listed. I was in Abi Adi from Sept 08 to August 09. email me if you have any questions.

  2. Hi guys, What an amazing adventure this is going to be. I hope you have a wonderful time making a difference in the lives of so many people. I will certainly enjoy reading your blog and will link it on my blog. Good luck. Caroline x

  3. Mulu Hailu says:

    Hi this is Mulu from Abbiyi Addi CTE
    I am computer instructor in the CTE. I have read a good news from ex-Computer Volunteer of Abbiyi Addi CTE Called Andrew that, you are coming to Ethiopia, Abbiyi Addi CTE as Volunteer as of September 2010. Moreover, I have visited your blog and initiated to write you e-mail so, first of all let me provide you some information about the college as well as the town; the town is around 90 km far away from the Mekelle City which is the capital City of Tigray. The town has a lot of services like shops, market and entertainment places with “Logy” Called “May Lomin Logy”. And the college is 3.5 km away from the Abbiyi Addi Town. If you need any additional information you can mail me and I am ready to provide you some additional information.

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