Since my childhood, I’ve spent a lot of time overseas, through travel or living abroad. When I was 13, I spent a year in The Gambia and my time there made a big impression on me. I developed a strong interest in developing countries and made it my aim to one day live and work in these countries.

I spent university holidays on short-term voluntary projects in Eastern Europe and then took up a job in Japan via the JET Programme, teaching English in a high school. I raised the profile of fundraising with my students, who collected money to support four developing countries in South-East Asia. I then spent a year at an Education Centre in Japan, teaching Global Awareness and running teacher training seminars.

When I returned to the UK, I trained to be a primary school teacher and currently work in a school in Edinburgh, Scotland. Global Education is one of my great passions and is embedded within the work we do at school.

In 2008, I spent my summer holidays living and working in a rural village in Dedza, Malawi as a volunteer with Link Community Development. I shared skills with the local staff at the primary school and spent a week doing teacher training. My experience taught me how valuable passing skills on can be – it makes for long-term, sustainable change.

VSO will give me a chance to continue my interest in development for a longer period of time and I’m looking forward to being immersed in a new culture and country!

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